Do you know that many online tools can make your work easier and increase sales? Some tools are very beneficial and it’s very important all business owners take advantage before its too late. Today’s businesses are driven by collaboration and productivity so you can’t just rely on your own effort alone.

Being an entrepreneur can feel intimidating and isolating, especially in the beginning. But thanks to the internet, you don’t have to do it alone. There are a ton of free tools online that can help you grow your business, as well as free trials available for online products that will simplify your marketing and management processes.

Check out our top 5 favorite free or free-trial tools and resources to make the day to day of growing your business a whole lot easier.

1. Google My Business

This amazing product from Google helps simply helps you connect with your customers but in a thrilling way. Google My Business enables you to post hours, location, and pricing information of your business, it also allows you share pictures and even give a virtual tour all of which will then show up for your audience in Google’s search results. Like that’s not enough, Google my business enhances your site’s overall google search ranking.

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2. WordPress

Here’s a free fact: more than 30% of the websites in the world use WordPress But it’s still free. Need to manage a beautiful blog for your business? Simply launch one on WordPress, and with thousands of third-party add-ons to make managing your website even easier, the benefits of WordPress for digital marketing really never end.

3. Canva

Canva helps you create professionally designed graphics for your blog or marketing materials without the cost or the expertise? With this tool, you can use pre-formatted templates to create social media banners, blog graphics, marketing flyers, and much more. Canva will make your amateur, no-budget marketing effort look more like a seasoned pro.

4. Google Analytics

To know how well your marketing efforts are succeeding at converting leads, you first need to know how and from where your audience is accessing your website. Google offers amazing free analytics tools that help small business owners determine what is working in your marketing plan and gain insights about your web traffic.

5. Smartech

Take immediate action based on strategy-influencing insights derived by analyzing the customer journey using Funnels, Cohorts, RFM & Sunburst Charts, in real time. Power your marketing efforts with comprehensive data-rich campaign reports and deep-dive analytical insights. Fuel your business growth by fostering stronger customer relationships… with the right message targeted at the right customer at the right time and on the right channel!