If you own a travel agency or you just want to start your own travel agency then you need to read and understand this article. People love to travel, to explore around the world and one of the businesses booming right now is the travels and tours outlets.

Online marketing for travel agencies is kind of tough because the market is now competitive, ROI is low and visibility can be high. Managing your website content, bookings and documentation, reviews, newsletters and social media (to name a few) with little results to show for it, will burn a hole in your pocket and, understandably, dampen your spirits. Note that when your passion is perceptible, your brand will sell itself to the right customer.

You need to invest in your marketing campaign and be consistent if you want to attract the right set of customers. Here are some important 5 marketing campaign ideas every travel agencies should know especially if you are struggling with your marketing.

  1. Understand Your Customers

The first thing you need to take note is understanding who your customers are and what they want so as to know what to offer them. You might be confused on better ways to understand your customers, your competitors social media accounts could be of help if you are just starting off. Check what their audiences are saying the comment section and use that as your selling point if possible.  Their demography is important, you need to also ask yourself what drives them when researching, what motivates them to travel, planning and booking.

    2. Have A Look At Your Website

Take time to check your website, know if your payment level is seamless as it should be, if your tours pictures are clear enough, if your content are catchy enough as well. Your website should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. There’s always room for improvement in user experience and conversion rates. It is important to know that your website is dated and all device friendly. You should be able to track visitors and response rate should be as fast as possible. Simplify the design and make sure your content and copy are very compelling.

3. Understand The Micro-moments

Micro-moments are the moments when you DO SOMETHING; the moments when you turn to your phone or another device to watch, discover, research or buy something. These are the moments that shape your thinking. They are the moments when you make decisions.

Micro-moments are intent-driven, and for the travel shopper these include:

  1. I want to get away: Dreaming moments
  2. I want this trip to be perfect: Planning moments
  3. I want to book it: Booking moments
  4. I want to make the most of it: Experiencing moments

Understanding that these are critical moments in the customer journey will help you to market and be present when your customer most needs you to be.

4. Get Your Social Media Right

Social media can be a cost effective channel for travel marketing. Choosing the right platform and putting a strategy in place is important. Consider your objectives and your target market carefully. Use Facebook Insights to track, manage and alter your strategy in line with your goals. If you are time poor or want to delve a little deeper, nut out a social media strategy with an agency to maximize your investment.

5. Be Consistent With Your Email Marketing

Your email database is one of your most valuable assets. Email marketing drives more conversions than social and search, as reported by Monetate. You know you need a subscription form on your site, but do you understand why? Without it you miss the opportunity to invite visitors into your inner circle, connect with them again and, at some point, turn them into valuable paying customers. Get to know the do’s and don’ts around subscribing, design, content, timing and split testing. A good newsletter will drive traffic to your site, encourage social shares and generate leads. If your current email newsletter design isn’t responsive, then you should build a new one.

Work your database at every chance. Remember that your subscribers have opted to hear from you, so make every email count.