4 Internet marketing strategies to boost Traffic for Dentists in Nigeria.

22 Mar
4 internet marketing strategies to boost traffic for dentists in Nigeria.

Online presence  is one of the crucial elements of a successful dental business in Nigeria. This is particularly true in the highly competitive dental market.

Success is  no longer simply a function of quality of service, running a dental practice requires you to devote   time to building up your brand and reputation, both in real life and online. A large part of this process involves boosting your online traffic for your dental business

Here are Four methods you can use to engage people’s desire for knowledge and drive more traffic to your site:

1. The Use of InfoGraphics: 

Infographics rely on visual representation to transmit the maximum amount of information in the smallest possible package. There are lot of hidden dental facts that would interest potential patients that can be displayed using this method.

Sharing interesting and captivating infographics is an excellent way to boost online traffic for your dental business especially if it goes viral. Here  is an example of a great infographic.

4 internet marketing strategies to boost online traffic for Dentisits in Nigeria


2. Sharing Videos:

YouTube videos are effective means of increasing brand  awareness by showing videos of  your dental practice on the Internet. Unlike static images, these can actually show how, a dentist works or how a particular procedure is carried out.

4 internet marketing strategies to boost online traffic for dentists in Nigeria

Though it  takes a little time and effort to create professional looking videos and might require  the help of  a professional video editor. However, even a short video that has a relevant information can boost your online  traffic as not only can they go viral, but they are also ranked high in Google searches. Also, putting video on your website helps for SEO purposes.

3.Google Local Optimization:

The rapid growth  and Expansion of local Google has made this Google product a staple of searching for businesses. Mobile traffic is predicted to be as  much as 60%of all internet traffic in 2016, and many consumers say they wont  go on the business site if the site is not mobile responsive.

Google local and Mobile optimization are excellent ways to promote dental businesses,because a well written information about your dental practice on google local business listings  is a good way to get noticed.

Don’t forget to tell people to always review your dental  practice because it helps to build your brand and increase your chances of converting your website visitors to long time patient.

4. Social Media:

A facebook page cannot help you to grow your business if there’s no one to see it, start by building an audience for your page and this can be done by inviting current patient to like your page and they can also invite people to like your page too.


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In a case whereby your ‘likes’ are not growing as expected, consider a contest to get  things moving, however, contest focusing on charity, such as donating money based on the success of the contest, or raising funds to cover dental cost for the less privileged are good way to increase brand visibility and boost your web traffic

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