Building connections with patients for your  dental practice can be a challenge, no matter how excellent your service is, many potential patients are held back by a deeply rooted anxiety about visits to the dentist.

You  may be aware that your practice is a safe and comfortable place for patients,but you need to communicate that with some creative dental marketing ideas you can connect with potential patients and strengthen your connection with current clients.

Check out these four creative strategies for your  dental Practice.

  1. Online Presence:

When potential patients begin searching for a new dentist, one of the things they are looking for is a personal connection.

They want to know that they have found a practice where they will be heard and cared for.  The personal touch that can come from a strong doctor  to a patient relationship can go a long way to relieve anxiety about any trip to the dentist, whether it is  a basic cleaning or a more in-depth procedure.

A video introducing your doctors and staff is much more effective than text when it comes to demonstrating your friendly and compassionate nature.  Have a little fun with your video, too, and allow patients to see the fun side of your practice!

4 creative ideas for your dental practice in Nigeria

  1. Collaborate with Current Patients:

No matter how much creativity you put into your own marketing campaign, nothing can beat the value of strong patient testimonials.  No doubt your patients, especially those you’ve worked with for many years, are saying good things about the practice.

Now it’s  time to tap into that resource.  Surveys, interviews, and even short video testimonials can provide excellent material for any aspect of your other dental marketing ideas.

To get patients excited about participation, offer fun prizes in a drawing for survey or interview participants.  After all, who wouldn’t want to answer a few questions for a chance of  a teeth cleaning  session?

4 creative ideas for your dental practice in Nigeria

  1. Stay Connected

Because your current patients are one of your best resources when it comes to building or expanding a marketing campaign, make sure that you are maintaining a strong relationship with them.

After each procedure, make sure that your practice is calling to check in the next day to make sure everything still feels okay.  Send birthday cards.  And most importantly, make sure you have a strong program in place to thank patients for referrals!

4 creative ideas for your dental practice in Nigeria

Want More Dental Marketing Ideas?

For more creative dental marketing ideas, Contact  the Wsi Axon Team, We are excited to help you put these and other strategies into action for your practice.