November 2017 - WSI Axon
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The Mobile marketing guidelines for acquiring and cultivating B2B clients

Most Nigerian business owners understand the principle of cultivating relationships offline, it’s not a new concept, creating systems to cultivate and maintain relationship especially with long term clients has been around since markeiting was invented. In this post we want to talk about acquiring and cultivating those relationships online. but not just online. But we …

Mobile Marketing Strategies for your Nigerian Business

All marketing strategy is a coherent and agreed upon thought process formed with the aim of increased revenue and market share. Broadly speaking, marketing strategies refer to the set of actions designed to meet your business goals. It answers the question of what has to be done and usually contain three important elements: Who your …

Why your content marketing plan is failing terribly

Content is King. You need content to survive. If you don’t have a content marketing plan, you are missing out on a lot of traffic. These are words we’ve all heard someone say before, and in the past decade content has received a lot of recognition. Don’t get me wrong. Content is really important, content …