13 Simple Tips To Improve Your Facebook Engagement

25 Oct
Improve Facebook Engagement

Have you wondered why some of your Facebook posts generate so many comments and others don’t?

Or thought of how best you can better engage with your fans?

You are not alone in this. I had this same problem when I started.

Statistics have shown that Facebook is not only known to be the most popular social network, but has about 1.47 billion active daily users,[statistica report]. As an entrepreneur, you have a fantastic opportunity to leverage on it by sharing your story, building your business, and having fun keeping up with friends and family.

Making small changes to what and how you post can help boost your social media efforts generate clicks, likes, and comments.

In this article, you’ll discover 13 tips to improve Facebook engagement.

13 Simple Tips To Improve Your Facebook Engagement

  1.  Update Your Profile

What does your profile look like?

Maybe blank or boring.

Your profile goes a long way to determine who engages with you. It’s like your e-face and personality.

Let’s say you are a potential customer checking your own profile to find out more about you. Is your contact info filled out?

Do you have your current business listed and connected to that business page?

You have to edit your profile and make it appear sell-able to the particular set of people you want to target. That actually gives them the trust that you are serious.

  1.    Grow your fan base

Connecting with your fans is actually a good way to start. The Facebook algorithm already detects and shows you people from your contact and who you may know.

Confirm friend requests and make sure to follow pages that are similar to your interest.

Like, share and comment on other people’s posts. Use Facebook as your business the same way you use it personally: by interacting and having conversations at your Page.

This authentically builds relationships that will lead to those meaningful connections

  1.   Share valuable content

Before you click the publish button, make sure the content you are about sharing is what people can relate with

Ask yourself these questions ;

Is this post helpful?

Will it solve a problem?

Is it actionable?

If the answers to at least one of this questions are not positive then do not publish your content at all.

Don’t just share anything that comes to your mind, make sure your content is worthy of sharing.

Make sure not to bore people with untrue or stale content. They will blacklist you in their mind and it might take a while, if ever, to change that impression.

  1.  Tell compelling stories

People want to be inspired to work with you.  The most efficient way to do that is to share your personal brand and story.

“With Black Friday, CSR and other end of the year events around the corner, this is not supposed to be a topic I should write on. I was about publishing a piece of content when I saw a Facebook Ad with 0 comments and 1 like. It has never been this bad. Whew, I got inspired. Facebook is getting complicated with its recent algorithm and clamping down on posts”.

Guess what?

I just told a story.  You can tell yours too. That’s what I mean.

Not only that. Facebook stories are worth exploring.

  1. Be Creative with Images and Videos

If you’re trying to get more engagement, images and videos are great to tell stories quickly & powerfully — and thereby get more exposure in the news feed.

For a post on table manners, see how Canva was used to make an image out of it:

improve facebook engagement

Post culled from Happenings.

Experience the spike in your engagement as you embellish your posts with nice images and interesting videos.

And if you take the time to brand your photos with your company’s logo, everyone who sees your great pic on Facebook will know it’s coming from you.

  1. Make your Headlines Catchy

Which would spur your interest?

  1. Most loved Facebook stories in 2018 or
  2. Unbelievable Facebook discoveries in 2018 by Trump.

It is arguable that the headline is more important than the content. Let your headline be the reason for the attraction and your content the reason for the addiction.

  1. Post for Posterity

Facebook never forgets.

It has a way of reminding you of posts created years after. Facebook tells your story the same day you posted and in years to come.

Not sure you want to be reminded of a story in years to come? Then take it elsewhere, not Facebook.

  1. Play by the Rules

Do you know that what worked in 2016 does not work in 2018?

Soliciting for clicks in certain ways, or buying them from various engagement selling sites, for example, is a no-no.

Facebook now frowns at clickbait headlines.

  1.   Join Groups and Post Related Content.

This is an incredible way to grow your community and business for yourself and others.

You can share your own blog posts, things that inspire, or topics that get them fired up.

A health-based research story would generate more engagement if shared on Health Group with members running into hundreds of thousands.

Make your post relevant for each group or you may make your post a centre of the play.

improve facebook engagement

  1.  Give your Idea a Tweak

Pass the message in a way to keep your fans expectant of your posts.

Give a tweak here and give a tweak there.

Comedy and drama still entertain.

In case you have run out of ideas, you can share other people’s content.

You can collect posts from across the internet and share it with your network.

But spend some time reviewing and analyzing several posts on the same topic and share them with your audience on a consistent publishing schedule.

  1.   Ask Questions and Polls

Asking question is one of the most effective ways to initiate a dialogue with your fans.

Basically, you’re inviting a response.

If fans can relate to the question, they would quickly want to be part of it and answer.

Like a quiz, would you prefer A or B? Habeebat is an example of this.

improve facebook engagement

You can also use polls and set time you want the poll to be over.

Jump on a trend and take a poll. It’s as easy as ABC.

  1.   Use Survey technique

No need guessing. Find out exactly what your audience interests are. It’s that simple.

If you don’t know your audience and what their likes/dislikes are, you won’t be able to understand your own voice.

Consider these 5 questions when trying to understand your audience:

  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • What are their questions?
  • What are their concerns?
  • What are their pain points?
  1.   Quality over Quantity

If you really took your time to get to the near end of this post, you are one of the few with not too short online attention span.

See how to combat the effect of this short online attention span on your business.

So to get better engagement, keep your Facebook post really very simple, engaging and juicy till the end.

Found this interesting?

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Let your headline be the reason for the attraction and your content the reason for the addiction.

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