Facebook advertising is a great way for Nigerian companies to grow web traffic and get leads. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to get lost in all the statistics and insights.

Before beginning adverts in Nigeria, it’s important to always have a goal to work with when practicing facebook advertising.

Here are couple of goals to work with for your facebook adverts

Before you begin your facebook campaign it’s important to know the goals you are aiming to achieve. Facebook insights have a lot of data you can track, so it’s important to know which to focus on.


For example a goal that involves “growing brand awareness”, the advertiser will probably pay a lot more attention to “impressions” than “CTR”.

By the way, impressions simple means, the number of people that get to see your online ad, while CTR is the click through rate. It simply is the ratio between the people that saw your ad and the people that clicked the ad.

A company that has the goal to increase sales and revenue, the focus will be more on CTR and conversion rates. So depending on the goal of the facebook campaign, that will determine the metrics to focus on, in your analytics.


An ad with a low CTR like 0.02% might mean a lot of things, for example it might mean that the ad is not been targeted to the right set of people. If your ad is been shown to the wrong people, then the right people have no chance of clicking on it.


Another thing that leads results in ads is a poorly written ad copy. An header/title that is unattractive, unattractive offers and unclear CTA’S all lead to poor results. People want to be drawn into ads with compelling offers and clear cut CTA’s, if anything is missing, that could possible be what is wrong with your facebook ad.

Wornout Ads is another reason for low performing ads, it’s the process of showing the same ads to the same people, over and over again. These people will keep seeing it and subconsciously just ignore it.

It’s like the annoying poster at the back of your toilet door, reminding you to flush the toilet every time you use it. After some point, you just ignore it.

But also be careful, like they say if it’s working, don’t change it, as long as the CTR is still good, then leave the ad to be as it is.

Low Impression Count

If your ads have a low impression count, then very few people are seeing the ad, here are a couple of things you can do:

Raise your bid

This is pretty straight forward, the higher your bidding power, the higher your chances of reaching more people with your adverts. Therefore keep raising your bids till your impressions pick up.


Narrow targeting

It’s possible that your ads aren’t showing to your desired amount of people, because you have gone to narrow with your targeting. Consider expanding your targeted group.

Essentially, after increasing your bid price, if your impression count isn’t picking up, then expand your targeting options.


It’s important to always analyse your facebook ads periodically, especially if you want to know what made each ad succeed or fail. a campaign is a combination of different ads, and the success of each campaign depends on the individual ads that were involved in that campaign.

After reviewing each ad, you can understand what went right and what went wrong, this way you know what you should focus on to create positive results. it’s important when performing this review, you do it with the understanding of the goal you are trying to achieve with the facebook campaign.

Make the decisions you need to concerning your ads, review each ad, and let us know how it goes.


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