Making a new website is never an easy affair. Like a WSI Consultant Bob Weber put it;

A waterfront property is valuable real estate. Yet, some will throw a shack on it, while others will transform it into an enviable villa.

Do you want your website development to be just another domain parked on the sunny beaches of the Internet where surfers breeze (browse) by? Or would you prefer a bold, powerful, compelling piece of online real estate that users absolutely have to stop by and explore?

web design and development

Do you want it to simply the place where you house information about your company? Or do you want it to be the r ahead of the online competition and convert leads into sales?

The answers to these questions may be obvious but the steps not achieve them are not that obvious. I have compiled a list of steps you should take when you are embarking on a new website or a website revamp.

web design and development

When going about web development and design, put into consideration the following.

  • Why do you want to be online? How should being online affect your business?
  • What features do you want your website to have?
    • What do you want to be able to do on your website?
    • What should users/visitors be able to do on your website.
    • Prioritize your features because it will most likely increase the cost of your website?

A website is an ongoing project. Adding features to your website as it grows gives more flair and creates better customer loyalty. 

  • Estimate the number of visitors you would like to have on your website?
  • Would your website have frequently updated content?
  • Create your Web Project Brief which should include
    • Features
    • Sitemap
    • Your Brand Guidelines
    • Sample websites you like
    • Timeline for completion with milestones (This is why most web projects last forever!)
  • Choose Your Domain Name

web development and design

  • Assemble Your Web Production Team
    • Stay away from the “do-it-alls” and “Jacks of all trades”.  
    • Engage a Web Developer
    • The web developer will advice of your hositng plan based on your features and
    • Engage a Web Content Developer Start with the sitemap
    • Engage an Interface Designer
    • If you can afford it, use a Web Development Company. 
      • The cheapest solution is usually the least effective.
      • Make sure they show you their sample websites.
      • Please dont give it to your cousin or nephew because you heard he ‘does websites’.
  • Think Forward – How would people know about my website?


If you can do all of these things, you would have yourself a straightforward, effective website development project. Like, I said earlier, you are better of with a Web Development firm or even better a Digital Marketing Agency. A reputable agency can guide you through your thought process to produce the aforementioned list

However, dont throw it away just yet. You can still keep it in your back pocket to keep them honest.

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