Facebook has grown to be more than just a social network for connecting people, for businesses. With over 1.39 billion monthly users, facebook has become the go to area for gaining traffic for websites and getting access to customers for businesses within Nigeria.

So here are a couple of statistics to consider when considering facebook advertisements data was derived from Digital Company Statistics;

  • There are 3 million active advertisers on facebook
  • 70% of those facebook advertisers come from outside U.S.
  • Average Ad CTR 0.09%
  • Percentage of brands that promote their post is 70%
  • Average Facebook Ad CPC $0.64

These are the things you need to focus on when growing your revenue:

Interest Based Targeting

Facebook has a high level form of targeting that allows you to target ads based on location, age, gender, interest, relationship status, education and more.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Adverts that Converts

When you target users based on interest, you’ll notice an increase in the number of email subscribers, Facebook fans, brand advocates and buyers. Overall, you’ll convert more users into customers.

It’s almost common sense, there is no point targeting a male demographic of users for an advert on female accessories. The same way if i’m a good soccer player, i’d rather click an Ad detailing on how to be a better soccer player than an Ad on table tennis.

Remember to set up a lead nurturing system, if you want to maximize your leads, because the vast majority of them aren’t ready to buy your product, yet. You’ll have to educate and persuade them first and, to do that, you need a system in place to communicate with them regularly.

Creating an Amazing Lead Magnet

Lead Generation is the process of generating leads, a lead is defined differently depending on your business model, but it generally consists of a piece of contact information of an interested prospect.

A lead magnet allows you to stay in contact with your prospect and keep the conversation going, with the sole aim of converting the prospect into a customer.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Adverts that Converts

Leads are generated most of the time, using a tool called lead magnet.

A lead magnet is an irresistible offer or bribe given to a prospect in exchange for his/her contact information.

Now, It’s my utmost believe that your lead magnet needs to be your best offer, you can’t be lazy with what you offer to your prospects.

Because in most cases this will be the first transaction the prospect will be having with your company, even though it’s free, you still have to treat it as a transaction.

So it’s important that you create the best first impression by providing a lead magnet that is invaluable to your prospects.

If you impress them with your initial offer, they will become attracted to your company and become interested in your conversations.

Landing Page Development

Landing page relies on one thing only, which is conversations. Your focus when developing a landing page should be conversation rates. Once you start generating traffic to your landing page the next level of concern is how to ensure that traffic is converting to leads, customers and sales.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Adverts that Converts

Your landing page should have elements – such as the headline, subtitle and call to action (CTA) – that can be tested and improved.

According to neilpatel.com, changing your CTA button color or position can have a significant impact on your conversion rate.  But, it’s just the beginning for building a high-converting landing page. Your page itself needs to be focused on conversions, with persuasive copy that’s relevant to the readers.


This is one of the best strategies you can implement for your business towards growing your leads and customers. In our next article on facebook advertisement we will discuss building offers, conversion and nurturing strategies to get you more sales.

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