Twitter on it’s own has more than 232 million active monthly users, 53 million of which were in the United States. That makes Twitter a potentially powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it.

Successful Twitter marketing is powerful. If you can become a pro with this fast-paced social networking site, you’ll unlock new opportunities to grow your business online.

In this post we would discuss top-notch techniques in using Twitter to grow your business, find them below:

Keep the conversations going:

It’s very easy for a brand to keep its conversations very one dimensional, “Oh we just released this product xyz” but a conversation that is always one sided is an uninteresting conversation.

In order to keep the conversations going, you need to engage the person on the other side. Your Tweets shouldn’t consist of only headlines with a link, inspirational quotes or funny statements.

Asking your audience/followers key questions or advising them to take an action are great ways to keep the conversation going.

  • Tweet out questions
  • Make at least 30-40% of your Tweets replies to other people
  • When Tweeting links, add a line of your own insight to spark conversation
  • Tweet directly to your audience. Instead of “Blog Post Title, [link]”, try “What do you all think of this new post? Blog Post Title, [link]”

Being more conversational means higher engagement, which results in additional activity for your Twitter account in the long run.

Use IFTTT To Post Your Instagram Pictures

Unfortunately, Instagram pictures will only appear as links on Twitter. This can lower your engagement rates as your finely crafted Instagram images won’t appear in people’s’ timelines.

Ideally, you want to avoid this as Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% retweets.

Luckily, if your Instagram content also suits Twitter and you want people to see them in their timeline with minimum fuss, you can use IFTTT (If This, Then That) to automatically upload your Instagram images to Twitter. They will then show up in people’s timelines like regular images.

Don’t share your content only once

Not everyone can be on Twitter at all times, and most people won’t make a point of visiting your profile in case they missed something, so don’t feel shy about sharing your content multiple times.

On average, your second post of a piece of content will receive 86% as much engagement as the first time you Tweeted it.

An added bonus of this is that you can experiment with different text or images when sharing the content and compare performance to help with your Tweeting strategy going forward.

For example, we found that Tweets with URLs in the middle are 26% more likely to get retweeted than Tweets with URLs at the end. If this isn’t something you’ve tried on a previous Tweet, give it a go now.

These are three of some my amazing tips to growing your business on the internet, if you want to learn more, contact us below.

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