Having a digital marketing strategy is crucial to gaining awareness and brand visibility, attracting prospects, and push sales and lease if efforts for your company.

A joint study by Google and Loopnet has shown that almost 80% of tenants and investors search for commercial real estate online.

Here are a few digital marketing strategies that if applied will have strong impact for you in your business.


Responsive mobile site design

Having a website that is optimized for mobile on all devices is important for reaching and attracting potential tenants, brokers and investors. User experience is the bedrock of website design and you want to be certain that i your website is displayed on all mobile devices the user experience is the same positive experience.

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Check your website on all platforms, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Windows and all devices (desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Keep an active blog

Blogging is a great point of contact with your potential client base, it’s the first interaction you have most times with your prospects, because each article on your blog is created to appeal to the problems your potential customers have and it’s your goal with your content and articles to answer those questions.


Blog’s have massive impact on search engines and social media visibility, people search for keywords around your content and come in contact with your blog, your content when optimised is a traffic generator to your website and a very valuable component of your digital marketing strategy.

A blog also allows you to position yourself as a real estate expert and thought leader, by posting educational and informational tips to assist people with their buying and selling decisions when it comes to real estate.

Publish Market Reports

A valuable real estate marketing idea would be to create a local market report for the markets you operate in. Include data points like rentable square footage (RSF), average rent prices, vacancy data, absorption rates and any significant transactions. Highlight it on your website as a monthly (or quarterly) feature and you will surely generate more eyeballs and interested readers.

Create Videos

Videos are a powerful medium that are still not very prevalent in the marketing mix of most CRE companies. Not only does a marketing video give your audience a different kind of medium to interact with (and one that generally encourages them to spend a while on your website), but this also allows you to better showcase your company, your properties and make yourself stand out from competitors.

Landing Page and Email Signup

Create a landing page with an email sign-up, a landing page is a single webpage that potential clients come to to learn about your offer and value proposition and sign up to your offer. Before people signup for your email list, there must be a valid offer for them which they get access to if they sign up.

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This offer then acts as a lead magnet, remember your offer must have a sense of urgency, which is usually a limited time offer or limited access.

Consistently Track Your Results

At a minimum, make sure you are running Google Analytics on your website to track marketing performance and make sure you look at results at least once a month. This will help you make better, informed marketing decisions and enable you to understand if your website is having any significant impact. If your website is not generating prospects for your company or property, it’s time to revisit and take action.

Run a Company Email Newsletter

Ensure that your email marketing works alongside your sales funnel, remember that when building your email marketing strategy there are various subscribers that have opted into your sales funnel at various points, so each newsletter must be relevant to the stage in your sales cycle where your customers are.

Top Real estate digital marketing tools

You don’t want someone in the prospecting stage to receive the email that goes to those in sold and closed stage. Segmentation is very important and each email campaign must be tailored to the sales funnel and it’s various phases.

Get Active on LinkedIn

In recent years, LinkedIn has become the ‘de facto’ platform for professionals to network. Its 300 million user base consists of just about every professional in the commercial real estate, finance, investing, or legal fields you could want to meet, and it offers a powerful marketing and engagement system with blogging, group discussion boards, and search functions. Combined with ultra targeted advertising, LinkedIn is an important focus for any business in 2016.

Run a Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing allows you to recapture traffic on your website, showing ultra-targeted ads only to people who have already visited or performed a specific action on your website. Because more than 90% of your web traffic won’t take an action when they visit, you need to increase return rates – retargeting allows you to do just that.


In Conclusion

There are various digital marketing strategies that can be applied towards your real estate practise, these are just the few we decided to point out that we consider to be most valuable when practicing your real estate online marketing.

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