Social listening is about searching and monitoring the web app space to know what’s been said about your company, brand, competitors and other topics of interest.

But social listening goes beyond just monitoring, if used effectively, it can improve your business development, sales process, content marketing, human resources and other facets of your organization.

Here are a couple of ways to improve social listening

Get Leads for your business

An excellent strategy to gaining leads for your business is to monitor closely what people are complaining about concerning your products and the products of your competitors. Listen to their frustrations, problems and needs concerning your industry and competitors products.

Monitor terms like “[competitor’s brand name] can’t” or “[competitor’s brand name] won’t” to identify pain points.

These way you can gather what people are complaining about your competition and then contact them privately to present your product/service as the better alternative.

Social Listening: Learn what people are saying about your business

Keywords Research

Generating leads for your business, it’s important you know the keywords that people use to research and keep track of terms related to your product and service.

Know the conversations that are ongoing and join in those conversations with potential customers, it’s important to be genuine in your approach to establish communication.

Know where your customers spend their time

Social listening helps you to identify where your potential customers and community carry out their most important communications, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Blogs or somewhere else. Keep track of all these events and join in.

Social Listening: Learn what people are saying about your Nigerian Business

Find Top Talent

Your human resources department can benefit from social listening, too. Hiring top talent is frequently a challenge, but tracking conversations in forums, in social groups or on blogs can help you identify key candidates with remarkable skill sets.

Improve Customer Care

With social listening, you can instantly identify both positive and negative feedback.

Monitor your brand name with and without the @ symbol (many people forget to add the @ symbol when communicating on Twitter).

Also, track common auto-correct misspellings for your brand name and monitor your website mentions (for example, and

This gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for positive comments or to find and respond to disappointed customers, turning potentially negative experiences into positive ones. If people take the time to write about issues with your product, they’re open to your help.

Social Listening: Learn what people are saying about your business

Monitor Issues on your Product

Social Listening helps you monitor how people feel about your product and service. If people are complaining on social media and saying that your products aren’t meeting up with their expectations, you can then provide solutions to the problems they have concerning your product and gain their trust and loyalty once more.

Here are a couple of tools you can use to monitor your brand:

  • Google Alerts
  • Quora
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Social Mention
  • Keyword Tool
  • Google Trends


Social listening can be used to improve every aspect of your business, it’s important to know how social listening works, once integrated with your marketing efforts, you’ll be unstoppable to your competition.


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