Secret Steps To Gaining An Edge On Your Competitors

07 Feb

One of our consultants, Peter Jasniewski, recently wrote a post painting competition as a good thing. I know what you’re thinking, “How could you say that? My competition stresses me out and keeps me up at night!” While that might be true, give the post a try; who knows, maybe a little change in perspective is exactly what your business needs to have a banner year in 2016!


Competition undoubtedly makes the lives of business owners more difficult. But who said running a business would be easy? Probably not a successful businessperson.

Secret Steps To Gaining An Edge On Your Competitors

When it comes to competition, I can tell you one thing for sure: ignoring the presence of competing businesses because you don’t want to deal with them is the worst thing you can do.

By contrast, learning everything there is to know about your competitors is the best way to protect your business. As long as the energy and focus you get from keeping an eye on your industry is positive and constructive, then competition is, indeed, a good thing.


For those of you willing to constantly improve upon your business, the good news is we live in a time where spying on the “other guys” is relatively easy.

Secret Steps To Gaining An Edge On Your Competitors

You know, the Internet and stuff. You don’t have to wear a fake mustache and a ridiculous hat to get the inside scoop on what your toughest competitors are doing; instead, all it takes is some digital savvy and knowing where and what to look for.


Recently, we’ve had our attention fixed on helping businesses handle their competition.

So for our first infographic of the year, we decided to outline The Secret Steps To Gaining An Edge On Your Competitors:


Secret Steps To Gaining An Edge On Your Competitors

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