A very wise colleague of mine once told me an infallible truth about online buying psychology, “landing pages and websites do not convert, people convert”.

Lots of Nigerian insurance companies and other industries think that to get leads of customers or clients online all you need is a great website.

And these companies spend a lot of money on web-development and building landing pages only to realise that a year has gone and still that website has not yielded a single lead for the company.

That’s why when building your online marketing strategy and developing your website, it is important to build it with one single goal in mind and that is to gain leads and convert them to customers.

So why is this little insight important before you begin building an online strategy?

Well because it’s people that will click on your online advertisement, or email link or blog article, and it’s also people that will drop in their details.

And it’s very important to know why your visitor will arrive on your landing page or website

  • Will they click on an online ad?
  • Will they click on a link at the bottom of your email?
  • What did you promise them in the ad ?
  • Were they on Google doing a search for fun (“scandal news on insurance managers in nigeria”)?
  • Were they on Google doing a search NOT for fun (“car insurance company services in lagos”)?
  • Did you target top executives who are interested in health insurance who were on Facebook?
  • What expectation will they have when they visit your website?
  • Will their experience on your website match that expectation?

People convert!!!

Marketing Strategy to Gain Leads for Insurance Companies

All the questions above were centered at individuals, people we see everyday not robots or computer systems and if we are to create a strategy for gaining leads we must consider these questions.

And before anything is built, you need to center your thinking hats around this fact.

So what do you need to know when building an online strategy for an insurance company?

When building a marketing strategy to gain leads for insurance companies, there are two things involved:

  1. Attraction of leads
  2. Conversion of leads


Attraction/Traffic Generation:

Traffic generation involves the process of getting people to your website. I usually tell clients that traffic is like the sea. Hearing someone say I don’t have enough traffic is like a ship in the middle of the ocean saying it doesn’t have access to water.

Traffic is all around you, if you know how to access it. In our previous post on brand awareness for insurance companies, we saw that the keyword search “insurance” has over 2400 searches per month.

What this means is that there are over 2400 people searching online right now for services related to insurance, but a company that doesn’t’ have a strategy for attracting these kind of people online will miss out on all the opportunities.

There are two ways by which you can generate traffic to your website or landing page.

  1. Paid advertisement
  2. Organic methods/SEO practices.

Paid advertisements

Sometimes when doing searches online we come across online ads, they always have a small yellow or green ad sign beneath each search results. See the picture below:

Marketing Strategy to Gain Leads for Insurance Companies

These ads are sometimes placed above the search engine results page and at the right hand side and beneath the search engine results page.

So for someone trying to create an eCommerce store the solution is very simple, they just need to advertise for these keywords and numerous others that are similar to these one and they will gather as much traffic as possible.


Organic traffic/SEO practices

Organic traffic are all the activities we do to ensure we drive traffic to our website without paid advertisement. This is free traffic that we don’t have to pay for.

Paying attention to SEO practices is very important because this is the process of high ranking on search engine results.

Marketing Strategy to Gain Leads for Insurance Companies

For example the search above for brand management for insurance, we see wsiaxion.com coming first for organic results, that’s the power of SEO. According to industry analysis, 33% of traffic goes to first position.

Imagine ranking first for 100 keyword searches, won’t that be incredible, some keywords have as high up to 500 searches per month. The potential of this is much if you can tap into that amount of traffic.

Conversion of leads

To convert leads, you would have to have a website or landing page where your leads can go and read about your value proposition.

Marketing Strategy to Gain Leads for Insurance Companies

Think about it, there’s no point of attraction of leads and generating traffic of visitors if you don’t have a website or landing page to send your visitors.

So a landing page is very important, it has so many functions and uses but it’s main purpose is to sign up a lead.

People go to your landing page or website to read about your offer or gain some information they are looking for, once they are on your website or landing page, it’s your responsibility to convert these visitors to leads, and that job is done on your landing page.

That’s why you need an excellent digital marketing team to ensure your copywriting and offer is great when building your page, because landing pages don’t convert, people convert and if you are going to get them to do that, you need to convince them of your value proposition.

In conclusion

The only way to build your list of leads online is to attract relevant visitors interested in various insurance services you offer and convert those visitors to leads. The effect of a 20% increase in leads can have a very positive effect on most companies, and I believe this strategy will also result in the same positive experience if applied effectively.

That’s why you need an effective team to handle your campaigns, speak with a WSI Digital Marketing Expert today, click the button below.


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