Here is a profile of your middle class customer in the Nigerian market today.

  • Spends 40% of their hours at work and 60% at home
  • Owns more than two internet connected devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet)
  • Has more than one cellphone number.
  • Checks their email more than 5 times a day on a computer.
  • Receives email alerts instantly on their smartphone.
  • Spends a good amount of time on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


There are other things at play with the customer profiling though and it differs with each customer.

  • Go to bed at different times of the day.
  • Some work more in the day than the evening and vice versa.
  • They make serious decisions at a certain time of the day.
  • They make buying decisions through a particular channel (mobile, social network, email, etc)
  • Prefer your communication on one particular channel
  • They might be interested in your business but they are not interested in all your products.
  • Your promotions might annoy them after a while if they are not relevant to their needs.
  • They ignore, delete or disregard non-personalized communication.

Personalization in Marketing Automation

Here are some questions that might come after reading this:

  • How does a company figure this out for each of their customers?
  • What if I have 2,000+ customers can I do this for all of them?
  • Maybe I have been losing business to my competitors by not engaging my customers?

The answer to the above questions is MARKETING AUTOMATION.

With marketing automation, you can ensure that everything considered above is taken care of and your business does not lose out on any more customers. Moreover, you can ensure that your communication will be the right content for the right customer at the right time through the right marketing channel.

For companies in Nigeria, NetCore a WSI partner has produced a ground-breaking marketing automation tool for businesses in Nigeria. Smartech is a cross-channel marketing automation tool that delivers communication with data-driven personalization. The marketing automation tools work simultaneously on POS, Website, Email, and Mobile.  You can automate your communication with your customers by use of landing page forms, Email newsletters, Voice Calls, and SMS messages.

Do not waste more money sending irrelevant messages at the wrong time. You NEED marketing automation.

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