Using location-based marketing to promote your business

Location based marketing delivers targeted marketing messages to customers within your location in Nigeria, in particular locations, through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Customers usually receive marketing messages by using their mobile device to:

  • search for local businesses on the internet
  • ‘check in’ to a particular neighbourhood or business through an online, location-based service
  • search for local business on directory listings

Location Based Marketing to Promote Your Nigerian Business

Some of the most popular location-based services are:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Places
  • Vconnect Nigeria

Simple location-based services (such as Google My Business) provide a list of businesses that match a customer’s search terms, along with basic information about those businesses.

Location-based marketing is an efficient, measurable way to increase sales. This guide explains how location-based marketing works, and how to use it successfully.

Sometimes called ‘geo-targeted marketing’ or ‘place-based marketing’, location-based marketing delivers messages to customers and potential customers when they are physically close to your business.

These marketing messages are delivered to customers’ mobile devices via location-based services – websites that specialise in providing this kind of information.

Location-based marketing relies on:

  • smartphones that allow users to access rich internet features wherever they are
  • GPS (global positioning system) technology that enables services to pinpoint the locations of mobile devices and businesses.

Some of the best-known location-based services are discussed below.

Google My Business

Google operates the world’s most popular search engine. When you search for a place or business using Google, your results include a ‘Google map’, which shows the location of the place or business.

Location Based Marketing to Promote Your Nigerian Business

Google My Business adds detail by providing a short business profile for businesses that appear on Google maps. Google My Business generates its information automatically, using publicly available data.

While Google My Business is the simplest location-based marketing service, it’s also one of the most important. Increasingly, customers are searching for businesses while they’re standing in a particular street or city.

Many small businesses get most of their online referrals from Google, so it’s important to make sure that your profile on Google My Business is complete.

Facebook for business

Facebook is a social networking website that allows people to share information and media with other users.

Facebook allows users to check in at a business and post a video or comment. Facebook also allows users to review your business. By encouraging users to ‘check in’ on Facebook, the reach of your page is increased significantly.

Location Based Marketing to Promote Your Nigerian Business

To ensure your business is setup correctly, the page information must be complete in the ‘about’ section of your page settings.

Vconnect Nigeria

VConnect is a Lagos-based discovery and engagement platform. The platform helps local business access their markets and also helps customers find local businesses online.

Location Based Marketing to Promote Your Nigerian Business

Vconnect was listing and reviewing businesses in Nigeria before google places had a footing within the country. Vconnect ensures users can locate businesses and review these businesses in various locations in Nigeria.



Location based marketing is a more targeted way for doing, with location based marketing businesses can target customers within their location and ensure they reach a qualified database of prospects.

Businesses should explore this option to grow their businesses.

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