Instagram is  one of the fastest growing social media platforms, it’s not facebook, it’s more social and engaging and not as personal as snapchat. Instagram fits right in the middle and for companies trying to build loyal fans who identify with their brand, Instagram is a great tool to achieve that.

So let’s get into it, find below the marketing hacks to grow your nigerian business

Keyword Naming Section

When creating your username and name section, you can get your the major keyword of your product or service to appear in your username or name section.

Instagram Marketing Techniques to Grow your Nigerian Business

For example, let’s say i’m into the clothing and fashion business selling “baseball caps”. My company name is “Griht Nigerian Ltd”. Most Instagram users make the mistake of making their Instagram name section (see above picture) the same as their username section, or sometimes, they just use a random name there.

But one thing most individuals fail to notice is that a lot of people search on Instagram using the search section to find what Instagram accounts represent your interests.

Shout outs

Another marketing technique to grow your instagram business account is to partner with instagram influencers to give you a shout out.  One tool you can use to quickly find and connect with Instagram influencers is Ninja Outreach. Most people usually present their offer to influencers for a certain number of shout outs.

Instagram Marketing Techniques to Grow your Nigerian Business

For example let’s say “Mr Kik” is an influencer on instagram with over 11000 followers, so the strategy that most people adopt is to approach Mr Kik to help them promote their page. So they pay Mr Kik N5000 for 10 shoutouts, you get the concept.

But our strategy is a bit different, here’s our approach, we would approach Mr Kik to give us shoutouts UNTIL we clock our goal, so if our goal was 50 followers we can give influencer Kik N5000 for 50 followers.

Liking of Photo’s of Followers of Big Accounts

This strategy involves liking photos of followers of big accounts. It’s a strategy that most instagram big accounts use to gain followers. There are two major methods of gaining followers on Instagram, they include;

  1. The Following/Follower Method
  2. The Linking/Follower Method

The Following/Follower Method involves adding followers just for the sake of building your Instagram followers and then subsequently unfollowing every single person that didn’t follow back. This isn’t best practices in marketing and it can lead to your business account being banned from Instagram.

Think about it, any strategy that involves connecting with random people for the sole sake of disconnecting from them isn’t a good business strategy.

The liking/follower Method involves liking pictures of people that are followers of big accounts within your niche. So, for example, let’s say my business is in the smartphone industry, blackberry niche to be very specific. And there’s a big instagram telephone account in Nigeria with over 400k followers.

Instagram Marketing Techniques to Grow your Nigerian Business

My strategy would be to like the photo’s and videos of the individuals who are followers of the big account. It all comes down to numbers, if you like 2000 photos of different accounts, and you generated 300 followers from your activity who are followers of the big account, you’ve gained reasonable audience.

What I do as a personal strategy is to automate the process of liking the photos, if it’s something you’ll be interested in having as an automated process to grow your instagram account with target followers that big accounts have spent dollars in marketing and targeting, then contact me by clicking here.


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