Guerrilla marketing are low cost options that enable a brand make become memorable and visible without incurring huge expenses on internet and social media marketing.

Have you been in a position where you’re trying to market your event and you’re strapped for cash?

Well, it’s not a new issue to most event organizers, marketing is usually one of the hardest part of organizing an event and that’s the essence of guerrilla marketing.

When strapped for cash, it’s not the time to give up on your event, it’s the time to get a little creative.

And that’s the essence behind this post, to spark up your imagination and creativity.

Here are a couple of ways to gain market visibility without spending too much cash:

Social Media

The ability to create content on social media that goes viral is a big hit. Don’t stay in your comfort zone with your social media posts, utilize all possible avenues of content creation including, gifs and videos and other kinds of posts that have the possibility of going viral.


Twitter marketers understand the power of trending #hashtags, find a hashtag that’s trending and related to your event and just tag alone.

Taking advantage of all your networks on social media, gaming and social media contests to create buzz for your event.

Pop-Up Event

Create a unique popup event as a precursor to your larger event. The pop-up can showcase a very significant element/part of your event.

For example, if you’re trying to build an award event for dignitaries, a great pop up event can be a nice dinner cocktail event, where magazines can be distributed within the event. Flyers and marketing materials can also be distributed within the event to everyone who attends or passes by.


Using Gamification in your marketing strategy can help to make the process more fun and gives a good brand image for potential attendees.

Creating a real-world urban treasure hunt that offers exclusive event clues can be a way of adding an element of exclusivity to the event while generating a buzz for those who are playing.

Guerrilla Marketing Techniques To Market Your Events

Ideally they will also share on their social media when they have found a clue or won a prize which can encourage others to play along too.

If you prefer to keep things online and reduce the amount of organisation, you can opt to create branded mini web games that you can make available in the run up to the event with the ability to unlock certain event privileges on the day or earn benefit codes e.g. a free drink as they complete the game itself.

Bloggers and Journalists

This involves sending content, articles or videos to popular bloggers or journalists within your industry.

It could be an Instagram celeb or an artist. for a charity or unknown organisation that deserves more spotlight.

Offer a press pass if they are interested in attending the event itself, and they may give some coverage to you, including the buildup and behind the scenes excitement.

Keep leveraging on the popularity or reach of other organizations and individuals, research bloggers and journalists who write within your niche that appeal directly to your target demographic.

Loyalty Systems

Create a scheme that rewards those who market for you, for example referral discounts or preferential rates that benefit everyone can be an excellent incentive for attendees to tell their friends and get a bargain ticket price.

Guerrilla Marketing Techniques To Market Your Events

Alternatively you could offer VIP entry, fast track or back stage passes to those who refer large amounts of people or for bulk orders to encourage word of mouth and people to talk about your event on their social media channels.

Rewarding the loyalty of current fans and attendees is a sure fire way to keep them coming back in the future too.

These are just  a few ways to maximize your marketing budget and provide excellent results on low cost of capital. Organizing an event shouldn’t be a troubling matter, just open your mind to the possibilities available to you for marketing your event.

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