Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google for website analytics tool used to track and report website traffic. This tool is used by Nigerian websites and businesses to track their web operations and activities.

For those who are very familiar with google analytics, most people just check their overall traffic for the previous day and current. After checking out the graphs, it’s very easy to get confused on the right metrics to focus on.

In this article, we would like to discuss the various insights to focus on and how you can manage those insights:

Location Metrics

Google analytics gives you the opportunity to know where your visitors are visiting from, which countries are they concentrated on. This is an important metric for businesses that are geography conscious. You can check metrics by Country, City and Location.

Google Analytics

Where your visitors are coming from

Acquisition lets you know where your visitors are coming from, your traffic is divided into Social traffic, Direct traffic, Referral traffic, Organic search and others.

The social traffic is incoming visitors from social media pages which include facebook, instagram, twitter and other social networks.

Direct traffic is incoming visitors that came to the website directly, this might have been by a direct type of the url of your website.

Referral traffic is incoming visitors that come through other sources apart from social network or search engine.

Organic search is incoming visitors that come through search engines e.g google search or bing search engine.

GoogGoogle Analytics

Bounce Rates

This metric allows you to measure the amount of visitors that left your website immediately. The overall bounce rate of the site can tell us how long users are staying on the site before leaving. We can break it down by specific pages to measure bounce rate on each page. Below is an example of how we can measure bounce rates and what they mean for the site.


Google Analytics

This is just one way to break down bounce rate metrics. We can take away a few key learnings from this data. The product page is an important page on an ecommerce site. The product page is the visitor’s step before adding their specific product to the cart and potentially purchasing. We want to provide enough information for the visitor so they’re able to proceed without leaving.

New vs. Returning

Google analytics is an incredible tool for checking your new visitors vs returning visitors, we are able to breakdown audience types by performance.

Breaking the audience down by new vs. returning visitors, we’re able to take a closer look into how audience types impact performance. Below is an example of how we can break down our metrics.

Google Analytics

In conclusion

Google analytics is an amazing tool for tracking your progress online, these metrics are extremely little compared to what you can actually track. If you haven’t used Google analytics by now, it’s time to try it out, you’ll be surprised at the amazing insights revealed with this tool.


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