The Facebook Ad platform is a truly amazing platform that truly gives every real estate agents the opportunity to capitalize and connect with their ultimate target market in a an extremely cost effective manner.

The targeting options on Facebook ad  platform is rich and diverse for deep level targeting options, the targeting options span across demographic, interest and behavior.

In this article we want to see how laser focused we can become about our targeting and the end results towards real estate lead generation


Tactic 1: Travelling currently

People who have a higher probability of moving from one location to another, have a higher chance of needing a real estate agent or individuals who just got a new job. Facebook tracks this unique behavioral data sets.

If you’re a real estate agency within Lagos, you can set your Facebook targeting options to focus on individuals that are looking to “travelling currently”

Facebook Ad Tips of Successful Real Estate Agencies

Tactic 2: Demographic Targeting

Here we can set the educational status of the individuals we are targeting and we can also target new parents, employment and work status. it’s important that the demographic characteristics fits into the persona you believe will be able to purchase the piece of property or land.

Facebook Ad Tips of Successful Real Estate Agencies

Tactic 3: Placing a Real Estate Ad

To place a facebook real estate Ad, you will need the following

  • A Facebook business page.
  • An enticing call to action (CTA) on your page.
  • A deep understanding of who your target niche is.
  • Something valuable to give away in exchange for an email address.
  • A valuable and consistent follow-up campaign.

OK. Everything in place? Then let’s get going …

Facebook Ad Tips of Successful Real Estate Agencies

Every real estate agent should be running a number of different Facebook ad campaigns. You’ll want one for likes. One for opt-ins. One for website conversions. One for each lead generating goal. And within all of these, you’ll have different variations of each ad based on goal, target and expected outcome.

Today I’m going to focus on one ad. It’s what we call the “foundational” ad.It’s the first ad campaign we implement for our real estate clients. It’s the most important campaign. Think of it like your foundation for your house. Without it, all other ads are either 1) temporary or 2) ineffective.

Your foundational ad requires that you have the things in place I mentioned above. Without those things, this ad is useless. The goal of every single thing you do on Facebook (when it comes to your business) should be to capture leads. Capture their contact information, even if it’s only an email address. The point? Build your email list (aka your database).


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