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A vast majority of eCommerce dollars are spent on tangible products and services. And these real-world products and services need to be packaged and delivered to their purchasers who, in some cases, are located across the country from the sellers.

The disconnect between eCommerce shops and the real-world is one that’s admittedly been solved by many big eCommerce brands. Amazon likely makes shipping and receiving errors, but they also probably take care of these issues before anybody notices; that’s how organized they need to be simply because of how big they are. In short, Amazon is transparent about how they conduct their business, which is a lesson many e-Commerce retailers still need to learn.

In 2016, a brand’s transparency is paramount to its success. Remember the stat about 75% of customers choosing not to give a brand repeat business after a bad experience? You better believe transparency plays a large role in defining a digital customer’s experience.

Pretend you’re doing some shopping for your relative whose birthday is coming up in 1 week who likes good wristwatches. You stumble across a fashionable wristwatch, perfect for your relative.  You easily find a dozen watches you like but decide to narrow the purchase down to one, with the intention of buying more wristwatches in future gifts. After viewing your final total plus shipping fees and estimated delivery time, you complete the purchase and are excited about receiving your wristwatches. That is, you were excited until your wristwatches came late. You call the company and they swear it will be delivered first thing the next day, only for it to be delivered 5 days later.

Blindsiding your customers with shipping delays isn’t a good way to deliver a satisfying experience, nor is it remotely transparent. The only thing this brand has accomplished is making sure you never buy from them again, even though you wanted to. And the worst part of the whole experience? You love wristwatches.

If the brand had just outlined an estimated range when to expect delivery of the package, chances are you would have waited. But there’s a big difference between being asked to wait one day and being made to wait 5 days, Than being totally surprised – and essentially forced to accept a gift that won’t be given at the right time. The delayed shipping is just one example. There are many ways a business can forgo transparency with its customers. To help you stay on track in being a transparent business, here’s another quick list of things to ask yourself before deciding to keep information from your customers:

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