What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct digital marketing that uses email as the communication delivery method.Email marketing in Nigeria and across the world is usually used by businesses for customer retention, updates, alerts, promotional messages and building brand loyalty.

If you have not considered email marketing for your business in 2016, here are 7 things you need to know about email marketing:

The numbers are staggering

Facebook – 1 billion users, Twitter – 255 million users, Email – 4.5 Billion users.  It might be tempting to think Social media is the best way to reach your customers but the email numbers tell a different story.

email marketing in nigeria

People engage in email marketing a lot

Internet statistics and polls have shown that an average of 85% of people check their emails every day. Also, the average individual checks their email about 8 times a day.

These web users are actually expecting to receive your promotional messages during an email marketing campaign, but you just have to make it convincing.

Email Marketing will be Around Forever?

Remember MySpace, Yahoo Chat Rooms and Hi5. In 2006, MySpace had more website visits than Google but where are they now. Imagine you spent a significant amount of money, expertise and time building a MySpace customer base, your business will be in trouble. Email marketing helps with this and that’s why it will be forever.

email marketing in nigeria

Email marketing, on the contrary has a long history, stability and I daresay Pedigree. The first promotionalemail marketing was sent in 1978 and e-mail is still going strong today. Think of how many business decisions you have made over an email.

Email marketing cannot be ignored

Maybe I should add when it enters your prospect’s email box. When it does, email marketing doesn’t die, it needs to be killed. Email sits there inside your subscriber’s inbox waiting for an action (maybe an open, or a click or a delete but an action needs to be taken anyway).

email marketing in nigeria

Email marketing follows your customers everywhere

Do you know where your mobile phone is? Well most people do too. If you heard it ring, you would probably suspend what you are doing to have a look. Fact: 66% of Gmail messages are opened in mobile devices. Maybe you should worry about delivering your email marketing message to the hands of your prospects.

Personalization for email marketing

With the right email marketing platform, and a little know-how you can send messages to thousands of people and it will still retain its personalization. Getting a bit more technical is segmentation, which allows you to separate your email list into different groups depending on actions they have taken with your business in the past.

email marketing in nigeria

Email Marketing is Inexpensive

Digital marketing prides itself with being the cheapest way to reach a potential customer and Email marketing is the king of the pride. On average the other digital marketing platforms will cost you about N10/reach, Not email marketing. Email marketing costs 10 kobo/customer.

If it costs you more than that, you should consider using Netcore’s Email Marketing platform.

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