If you have organized or attended an event where contact details are collected including t>email addresses, then you will agree with me that most of these emails never make it to the final email list. In order to grow your email list very fast you should make sure you never miss a single email subscriber again.

Bad handwriting

    could be so annoying and frustrating when collating the data, but it shouldn’t. There are lots of ways to gather contacts that don’t call for your old feather pen and paper method that make it easier for you to store and manage your contacts.

    Email address list

    Let’s have a look at some of the best:

    iCapture for iPad and iCapture for Android

    If you have an iPad or tablet that you use for work, this is a tool you need to download right away.

    Do you attend networking events or trade shows? Do you work on the road? iCapture does NOT require an internet connection and it’s super easy to use. Simply ask someone to type in their first name, last name, and email address and that’s it.

    Email address list

    Just re-launch the app when you get a connection and your contacts will be immediately added to your Constant Contact email list.


    Most websites are designed for hit-and-run readers: People find your site, read a page or article, and leave. What if some of those people connected with you further by subscribing to your email list?

    MailMunch helps grow your list by converting website visitors into subscribers and customers. With MailMunch, you can create beautiful opt-in forms for your site without writing a single line of code.

    Email address list

    Choose from different types of forms such as Popup, Embedded, Top Bar, Scroll Box, or Side Bar, all of which are responsive and mobile-optimized. The best part It comes with analytics and reports so you can easily find out which pages, posts, or opt-in forms are bringing in the most email contacts!

    Embeddable sign-up form

    While you may already have a sign-up form set up, consider using an embeddable sign-up form to make the sign-up experience easier for users. With an embeddable sign-up form, your website visitors never have to leave your site to sign up.

    You can also customize your sign-up to include multiple email lists.  Create a few different lists based on your audience’s interests, then let your visitors select which list they’d like to be added to.

    Join My Mailing List Facebook App

    Don’t forget about social media. Add a sign-up form to your business’s Facebook page to encourage your fans to sign up.

    The app is very easy to set up and appears prominently at the top or side of your Facebook business page. Periodically draw attention to it in your posts to drum up more subscribers.

    Digitize Business Cards

    You may have a shoebox or fishbowl in your office where business cards are always piling up. Make it easy on yourself to turn those cards into contacts without any data entry on your part. You can use apps like Shoeboxed or ScanBizCards Connector, which will upload these contacts right to your email list.

    Make it easy for yourself, and your subscribers.

    As you can see, there are plenty of ways to grow your list online and in-store without trying to decode messy handwriting.

    And if you still want to chance it with pen and paper, go right ahead. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!






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