The world of Digital Marketing moves quickly.

Your ability to adapt to new challenges, circumstances and technologies is key to increasing your customer base and improving brand loyalty.

Here are four essential steps to make sure your digital marketing strategy is ready to capitalize on new and expanding online opportunities:


Be Ready with Responsive Web Design

Time spent browsing on smartphones, tablet and game cursors is steadily rising.

Your website must be fully responsive and able to adapt to any screen size conveying your message with maximum clarity.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Wins New Business

An unresponsive website equals a bad user experience and lost revenue.

We are all consumers. We buy things – some that we need, and many others we don’t – but we all do it in some form. So there shouldn’t be any debate from consumers about how shopping has changed.

Prior to the year 2000, did anybody shop from their phone, without swiping a physical card or handing over real cash? How about buying your entire Christmas shopping list online and having it shipped right to your door?

We live in different times, and as marketers, we need to realize that the changes we see as consumers impact our customers as well. People are doing more shopping and browsing from their smartphones and tablets, which means you need your brand’s web properties to be responsive and adaptive to whatever screen they’re being viewed on.

Even if you don’t operate an ecommerce site, people are browsing and looking for information while on the go, so responsiveness is still equally as important to your brand.

Prepare for Success with a Social CRM

Managing your social media is far more efficient with a social CRM.

Social CRMs enables social listening which allows you to adapt your marketing and advertising strategy based on what real people are saying about your brand in real time

With advanced technology comes a lot of noise and distraction. How many times do you see a person walking down the street with their nose in a phone? Even normal conversation has adapted to allow the digital intrusions we now live with.

If there’s a lost art in 2016, it’s the art of listening; to ourselves, to each other and to our consumers.

The great thing about technology is if you learn how to use it, you can solve some of the “problems” it creates. Yes, listening is an issue in today’s world, but with the technology of a social CRM, you can improve your ability to engage, react and listen to what your customers are saying about your brand. And if you have access to what your customers want, you can quickly adapt and expand your strategy to better suit their needs.

Become an Adaptive Content Marketer

Your website should include an engaging blog, enabling you to use your valuable insights into customer behavior to adapt your marketing plan, so you can publish a regular flow of content that engages your audience across the appropriate social platforms.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Wins New Business

The path to your customers’ hearts is still a steady stream of engaging, helpful content that answers questions they have and delight them with the information they didn’t even realize they were looking for.

The additional benefit of consistent content is that it helps you accumulate data on consumers – data you can then analyze and use to tweak your content and strategy to achieve optimal results, and listen to your followers and advocates and provide them with what they really want.

Review and Improve Using Data and Analytics

Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing.

A proper review of the analytics data from your web properties will allow you to identify challenges, shortcomings or potential areas of growth. You eliminate the need of guesswork and identify what methods are working well and what needs improvement.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Wins New Business

The sheer volume and control of data collection makes digital marketing the most measurable form of marketing and thus, the most effective. The reality is the first marketing campaign you launch isn’t (or shouldn’t be) your most successful. Why? Because the next one should be better, and then the next one after that even better.

If you properly use the data you collect, you should be able to adapt and expand your campaigns to greater heights.

In conclusion, keep in mind that innovative tools such as HootsuiteHubSpot and gShift can provide the direction you need to adapt and improve your online marketing so you can win new clients, and increase repeat business.


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