The power of Digital marketing in Nigeria and beyond is huge and very influential because it’s the best way to attract clients and grow your business with very little operational costs attached to it.

And if you are trying to grow your business from it’s the current state to a new level, you are going to need digital marketing.

It’s very rare to find a CEO or top executive who will say he is satisfied with his current market share, as long as there is 1% to grab, there is still room for improvement, and digital marketing is a very important process to grasp and partake in if you want to overtake the whole market.

Today, we are going to discuss a few strategies that companies can implement to expand their business

Paid Search

Paid search is one of the most powerful advertising tools available to business companies to expand their business and grow their sales revenue. Because with paid search you are advertising to people who are searching for you.

Digital Marketing to Expand Business Opportunities and Sales Growth

For example, let’s say I’m advertising for the keyword “health insurance services” so anyone searching for health insurance and HMO will be seeing my Ad.

This is a lot more targeted than traditional advertising and the value of someone who is interested in your service will always have a higher chance of converting to a client than someone who isn’t interested in your business.

Digital Marketing to Expand Business Opportunities and Sales Growth

Paid search is also one of the lowest cost investment kinds of digital marketing campaign you can engage in, simply because it is very cheap to launch a campaign on Adwords. With as little as $100,, you can run a campaign and test out your Ad to see if any conversions and leads occur.


Retargeting is the practice of serving online display ads to users who have previously engaged with your brand online. Only a small fraction of site visitors will ever convert on their first visit to a site; the overwhelming majority will bounce. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to get back in front of those visitors, ultimately driving the conversion.

Have you ever been to website to check out a particular brand of shoe, and all of a sudden everywhere you go, whether blog, news sites or general websites, you keep seeing shoe adverts from, and you’re wondering why?

Digital Marketing to Expand Business Opportunities and Sales Growth

Well that’s retargeting and you can do it for your business, but if the traffic of your website is very low then there is no point having a retargeting campaign running for your website.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO

SEO is amazing because it’s free traffic you don’t have to pay for. Paid search is amazing for all the reasons mentioned above, but SEO is all about tapping into that search power, without paying a dime. It’s the process of optimisation your web pages in other for them to rank on search engine result pages.

Digital Marketing to Expand Business Opportunities and Sales Growth

For example, someone makes a search for “health insurance companies in Lagos”  and your website comes up on the first page, it’s that simple. But SEO requires a lot of hard work, especially for a website with a lot of web pages, but the more relevant traffic you can generate the more your qualified leads and the greater your sales.

If you’re beginning to build a long-term marketing strategy, it’s time to start focusing on SEO. A strong SEO strategy helps your company gain visibility, and is one of the best ways to drive relevant initial traffic. Additionally, with SEO there is no additional cost associated with each new site visitor. A fixed investment can lead to limitless increases in traffic.

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