If you’re waiting till the end of 2016 to create your digital marketing business strategies for 2017, you would be making a very big mistake, because if you wait for 2017 to plan for 2017, you’re already too late.

Think about it, Jaguar and Mercedes would release a 2017 car in late 2016. If they wait till 2017, they will already be too late and far behind their competition.

Same goes for digital marketing and that’s the idea behind this post, to showcase five digital marketing strategies you can start implementing in your business before the year runs out.

Five digital marketing strategies to implement before the end of the year

Have an Instagram presence

Digital Marketing Business Strategies for 2017If you haven’t started on Instagram, then you have a lot of catching up to do. that’s where the millenials and younger generation are and if your business appeals to their demographic in anyway, then having an instagram presence is a must for you.

Read this article before anything else on building a successful instagram account.

Advertise with Yahoo/Bing Network

Digital Marketing Business Strategies for 2017

Research has shown that average click on yahoo/bing is 10%-24% lower than Google AdWords. And have you heard of the Mozilla update, its an update that states all searches on Mozilla firefox will be done through yahoo/bing.

Come 2017, bing will be gaining an additional 11% into the market share. Don’t you want to advertise with a network that can give you lower acquisition costs and equivalent results as google.

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Business Strategies for 2017

This one’s easy. If you’re doing one email per month, it’s time to double or triple your email sending frequency. There are so many aspects to email marketing, you can try out the autoresponder 2.0 series technique; where emails are sent in the form of short stories to entice your audience, who follow up your email series like its a movie.

According to econsultancy.com, email marketing remains the best digital channel for ROI.

Facebook Remarketing

Digital Marketing Business Strategies for 2017

Most marketers are missing out on a lion share of traffic generation and leads because they do not do Facebook display advertising.

ensures that when an individual visits your website and leaves that website and goes to Facebook, he keeps seeing your ad on Facebook.

It’s a form of remarketing that yields results and increases turnover for most companies that try it out.

Better blogging

Blog content is an exceptional way to gain traffic and improve brand visibility. When you write a compelling blog, it has the potential to rank well organically in the search engines.

Additionally, a blog can serve as content for a Facebook and Twitter post as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign.

If you’ve got your blog hooked up to Hootsuite or buffer you can easily automate the posting of your blog posts to your social media accounts by creating rss feeds within your social media automation tool.

By creating better blog content in 2017, your web traffic will increase and your content will become more compelling


That’s it, if you implement these five strategies before the end of the year, your website and online presence will show improvements before the end of year

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