In a world where most people have discovered the need to share their own perspectives, it becomes difficult to send your messages out without having it get lost in the crowd.

But don’t lose hope yet, for there are sure ways to get content out that will make an impression and get you adequate engagement.

  1. It should stand out

    The biggest step you can take in the world that is overflowing with content is to be different from others. This differentiation could be within your field, like taking a comical, lowdown approach to discussing medical matters that may even be terminal. That way, you create content that is educational yet easy to digest. Most of the everyday readers would surely appreciate that kind of content.

  2. It must tell a story

    We all love stories. That is why we crave for movies, read novels, binge watch soaps. We just can’t seem to get enough of stories. Consequently, creating a piece that is embedded within a story will be gobbled up. Such an approach has influenced how Sales Copies and even Infographic content has been developed.

  3. Add the viral factor

    A lot of people browse the web looking for what makes a video or image go viral. We haven’t fully figured it out either, but we know that making your online resource shareable helps get it along with going viral. Isn’t viral content a piece of content that is shared so many times over?

  4. No headers for beggars

    Eighty percent of emails are opened based on how attractive the headers are to the receiver. But this is not just for emails; most content will be perused or even deeply consumed if the header is an attention-grabber. The most time should be spent on getting a classic header. By working this out, you would have done most of the job and the body of the content would get the depth of engagement that you truly aspire to.

  5. Keep it interesting

    Keep your content type varied. Most content developers think of content as text or articles. But this is not so. Content is as varied as audio or video-like Podcasts, Infographics, Articles, GIFs, Newsletters and just about anything that can be shared online to add value or entertain. The more you diversify the type of resource that you offer, the more you can appeal to a varied market, especially when you are a B2C.

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