Content marketing is an activity that can be extremely productive or excruciatingly unrewarding. What makes the difference for your business is usually embedded in the content marketing strategy.

There is a vast of content available on the worldwide web. Billions of pieces of content are being created daily. This content comes in different formats – text, audio, video and also provided by different people (marketers, complainers, leaders, brands, Musicians .. and so much more). What does that mean for your business? As it is commonly said in Nigeria, there are two things involved:

Firstly, the numbers don’t lie and the laws of demand and supply work. The reason, there is so much content out there is because people are looking for it. As a matter of fact, all internet activity involves consuming some kind of content. There are 70 million Nigerians going online, about 50% on a daily basis, and they spend hours on the internet searching and even expecting content to be thrown at them. People are looking for your business right now online and are expecting you to throw your fantastically woven marketing messages at them and that is why there is so much content out there.

Secondly and mostly unfortunately, the numbers mean that it is very possible that your content will become a whisper in the internet space. I call it a whisper because, no matter how important or beneficial your message is, nobody will hear it because it is just a whisper.  Or maybe you sound like a bell. A bell is cool for notifying people but not so cool when you are sleeping, or watching a movie, or reading a book.

Can you see why a content strategy is important? The most successful marketing campaigns have one thing in common, They are messages delivered to the right people, in the right format at the right time. It is time your business get the right Digital Marketing Agency and take content marketing serious.

Here is an infographic courtesy of WSI world on quick tips to ensure your content marketing is on the right path.


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