When it comes to digital marketing for real estate Nigerian businesses, there is so much advice out there that can make it hard for a business person to be effective in driving the right results.

So it becomes hard to know which of these strategies to focus on for your real estate business, that’s why we have written this article to lay out the necessary steps for you to take to get the results you’re looking for in your online activities.

3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Results For Your Business

Let’s get into it, if you want to take over your competitors online, you really want to focus on these few strategies;

Build a Real Estate Digital Marketing Plan

The first step is to build a comprehensive digital marketing plan. If you apply a random digital marketing approach to your online marketing, you are only going to be running around in circles, the best way to take over the market is to plan your takeover.

The first thing to do is to do a comprehensive study of your business model and traditional sales funnel.

How do you get your clients currently?

What got them interested in your business?

3 real estate digital marketing strategies that drive results for your business

Some real estate businesses have up to 7 phases/cycle in their sales funnel, while some have a bit more than that. The essence of digital marketing is to transform this sales cycle into an online sales funnel.

One of the excellent advantages of digital marketing is marketing automation, which is the ability to automate your marketing operations online.

A simple strategy can include building a real estate landing page for each phase of your sales cycle and driving online advertisement to that page to gain traffic.

So from attracting prospects and gaining leads, introducing listings, converting buyers, physical showings and finally the close and sale, then a follow up on referral.

A digital plan ensures you are always in front of your target market and ensures you are one step ahead of your competition.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Plan

have you heard the term, social media optimization (SMO) is the new search engine optimization (SEO). Social media is your chance to stand out from the crowd and we’ve put together a list of five tips to help you differentiate yourself on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and beyond.

3 real estate digital marketing strategies that drive results for your business

Social media’s essence is not to broadcast your listings as a real estate agent, but to engage with your audience and the conversation they have around your niche and your industry.

So how do you enter into the conversation?

  • Twitter has the function to search for people looking to buy or rent a land, homes and apartments, these people are out there and seeking for advise, as a real estate agent you should be the thought leader publishing articles that answers their major questions and relating with them one on one. If they are in your area, offer to show them a few houses that they will be interested in.
  • Join real estate related groups on Facebook for people that are interested in buying and renting land, homes and apartments in Nigeria, depending on your location, find groups in Lagos if you’re located there.
  • Join the conversation around relevant real estate hashtags on Twitter. Zillow has compiled a list of 30 Twitter hashtags every real estate agent should know.
  • Keep posting interesting articles and content around your industry, repost interesting content from other sources as well to your social media platforms.
  • Join meetup groups on meetup.com that are focused on real estate and those looking to buy homes within your area.

Awesome Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a great tool to use to convert and nurture your prospects into buyers. After capturing leads from social media, website and paid ads, there needs to be a way for you to keep the conversation going with your new acquired leads.

3 real estate digital marketing strategies that drive results for your business

Email marketing helps to keep the conversation going 24/7 for everyone that opts into your subscribers list. You remember the sales phase cycle we discussed earlier in the article, well you can segment your email subscribers list for each phase to ensure that each email sent out is converting and nurturing your subscribers list to move from one phase to another.

Sold subscribers that are now customers will be receiving emails on referral bonuses and deals in case they refer a friend.

There are numerous email marketing tools out there, we recommend the EMM marketing platform by netcore.

In conclusion

There are numerous other strategies which include, paid advertisements, search engine optimization, influencer marketing and so much more, try implementing the few we have spoken about in this article and I wish you greater positive results in your marketing efforts.

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